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Welcome to

Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

“Healthy India”, A Dream!

Everybody will be proud to take part in this mission. A Life is a mixture of joy & sorrow. The joy we share with others but sorrow one has to bare. The illness is a sorrow, which is to be bared by oneself only.

But if we learn health abnormalities before hand, we may avoid miserable illness. This is called “Prevention is better than cure”.

For this purpose we are offering an opportunity for health checkup to a mankind in his residential and economical territory. We will be doing diagnostic tests for the common diseases like Blood Pressure, Liver and Kidney diseases, Anemia, Blood Cancer.

These checkup facilities will almost search 80% of common human diseases.
  Click here for the online consultation with Dr. Ramesh Patil  
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